Why Financial Independence of any Female/Woman is Important??

Financial independence for woman

Financial independence for any woman is necessary if she wants to buy or have all the necessary or luxurious things without any hesitation or any thought, plus much more.

~Divya Punjabi

So here i am going to tell you my after marriage life experience so you can understand why its so much important.

So i am not working right now just following my passion of blogging and posting videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. my husband is so good to me that i can’t even explain and for that i am so blessed to have him. but when we go to market or somewhere to buy something i have to think before anything all because its his money.. yeah i understood you will say that you are wife and all but i don’t know i always have to think before buying anything.
Also our thought process before buying anything don’t match sometimes like i am ready to buy the same thing which he don’t want to because he thinks that its costlier so after seeing this i don’t tell him to buy because of hesitation of i don’t know what & so my mood is of at that time, he asks me what happen and arguments happen.
So here my intension is to tell you that its not necessary to do job but you should always have your own income any which ways that you don’t have to think and just buy whatever you want to without any guilt or hesitation.
So it never said “NO” to me for anything but thats my problem that i hesitate and sometimes feel guilty that i don’t earn and so earning is so important for yourself and you are also proud to do that.

its as simple as that, today’s scenario is like if someone asks me that where are you working, in which company etc. so i feel so so guilty that i cannot even express you, because if you are educated people assume that you are earning and why you are not earning is always a question of their to ask us.
the eyes when they ask such question makes me feel bad many times and i don’t want to talk to them, don’t to take their phone calls etc. because it somewhere ruin my peace of mind which they or anyone would not understand.

and not for this reason but for our sake only to have anything we want without any hesitation, we should earn and be financial dependent.

Thankyou for Reading my Article and add Your Comments by sharing your experiences too.

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