When my Mother got Paralyzed…

So this is the real life story of my friend’s mother and wanna let you know all the things about health and everything we do or don’t

I am a Daughter, 28 years old and my Mother is now 62.

My mother is very simple and her living is also very simple. she did everything for her family, from taking care of childrens to hearing harsh words from her husband and mother in law, still she did all the things nicely and quietly.

and now in 2020, when her daughter’s marriage got fixed in dec. 2022, she got a brain stroke and got paralysed, and her right hand and leg stopped working, she forgotton almost everything,

In starting, she was not even able to identify us, and her speaking also stopped, so she cant speak now, her right hand is not working yet, but she is able to walk not like us but atleast she can do her own work. because we took every class of physiotherapy, what doc. said was that whatever improvement she will have, 90% will improve in 1 year and then slow progress will happen.

After 1 year now she is able to identify us nicely, she remembers everything and asks us to work.

Also we Gave her all 3 treatments i.e. allopathy, homeopathy and ayurvedic

But she has now became stubborn which she was never before..

But positive part is she remembers every thing related to work at home and make us work

i made her to make Flatbreads also and she made it from one hand and that’s amazing, just you have to be patience, don’t force them but ask them and convince them to do the work and they will do, by this they will be occupied and bzy and movements are also happening.

So here i would say that some of the things apart from money which every family should have..

  1. Positive environment
  2. Happy environment
  3. Stressless people around you
  4. Should not fight for the things and take it easy
  5. Be happy and healthy
  6. one should take care of her health while taking care of others
  7. one should not skip medicines of b.p. , sugar as that could turn inti several other diseases
  8. people should take care of each other and understand each other at some level
  9. eat more healthy food
  10. not to strech yourself to do work
  11. do yoga/exercise for your own fitness
  12. Money is Important but not more than health
  13. just stay away from people that disturbs you mentally or tortures you everyday
  14. Stay Positive and live happy
  15. Live happy and let others live happy
  16. if you are old, just do something good for other or do some work
  17. don’t sit idle at home
  18. even if you have money, don’t make your mind sit idle
  19. Do something for yourself
  20. Stay Happy, Stay Fit
  21. If free and have money, Take tour in some months and just enjoy life.

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