Bhindi/Okras are very Beneficial for our health. so how to eat it in different ways??


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lets see how you can make tasty Bhindi masala/Okra with less things of kitchen. Ingredients: – Okra/bhindi – Groundnut Cooking Process: 1. First, wash all ladyfingers/Okra/Bhindi 2. Cut tip and bottom of all okra 3. then cut all of medium size 4. then make a side cut in it, and likewise cut all(you can watch in video as well, 5. Lets prepare masala for it 6. Dry roast groundnuts and let it cool 7. then take a grinder or mixipot, 8. add groundnut 9. add salt 10. add Red chilli powder 11. Coriander seed 12. Turmeric powder 13. Garam Masala 14. Dry Mango powder 15. Coriander powder 16. Coriander leave 17. Pulse grind all, so you can fill in okra 18. Don’t make powder 19. then transfer it in a plate

20. fill this masalas in all bhindi/okra 21. then on the flame 22. Add oil, Put all filled bhindis/okra 23. add a little oil 24. cover it and cook at low flame, dont cook at high flame 25. mix again and if masala is left, put it on all okra 26. again mix and cover it, 27. and Bhindi Masala fry with less oil is ready 28. Serve it with hot chapati or paratha 29. Perfect Lunchbox recipe it is. 30. Thankyou

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