5 ways you can make golgappe healthier

Whole Grain or Multigrain Puris: – Opt for puris made from whole wheat or a mix of whole grains. These provide more fiber and nutrients compared to traditional refined flour puris.

Nutrient-Rich Filling: – Fill golgappe with a variety of nutrient-rich ingredients like sprouts, boiled chickpeas, moong beans, or boiled potatoes. These add protein, fiber, and vitamins.

Healthier Pani (Water) and Chutney: – Prepare the pani using mint, coriander, and other fresh herbs for flavor. Reduce or avoid adding excessive tamarind pulp or sugar. Make tamarind chutney with minimal added sugar or consider using date or jaggery chutney.

Portion Control: – Enjoy golgappe in moderation to control calorie intake. Monitor the number of puris you consume to prevent overeating.

Hygiene and Freshness: – Ensure the golgappe and ingredients are prepared and served in a hygienic environment to minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Remember, while these modifications can make golgappe healthier, they should be part of an overall balanced diet. Always consider your individual dietary needs and preferences.