Wanna Store Fruits and Vegetables naturally fresh for longer

Keep your fruits Safe for longer

Here are some helpful tips to get rid of these daily routine things:

  1. Spices: Those people who store spices in Refrigerator should know that spices are not to be kept in refrigerator as the enemy of spices is humidity which donot only change texture but change its flavor too and so they should be kept in some cupboard i.e. in dark or other dry places and stored in some airtight container if you want to stay them for atleast 6 months.

2. Pickles and sauces brought from outside have also natural preservatives in them so they should also be kept in an airtight container and in some dry and dark places.

3. Dryfruits should also be Placed in an airtight container as it will serve you for a year in that. if you are keeping in non airtight container or in refrigerator. air is the enemy of any of the dryfruits so its texture and flavor will be destroyed.

4. Oils like mustard, peanut, coconut and ghee should also not be kept it refrigerator or plastics but should be kept in dry and dark places. Oils and ghee should be stored in airtight glass, ceramic or mud containers so it will have medicinal effect more with time. so oils and ghee should be stored in airtight containers not in metals.

5. Grocery

Potatoes, Onions, Garlic and Ginger are our daily utility in Grocery. and most of the people prefer to keep these things at room temperature as potatoes when kept in fridge becomes unpleasantly sweet because of the starch in potatoes becomes unpleasant and onions become mushy and mouldy. Also Garlic cant handle cold temp. so to keep them in a powerful flavour keep them in a well ventilated place outside the fridge.

6. Juices

Fruits like Oranges and lemons remains fresh for longer if they are kept outside the fridge. Keeping the Lemons in a newspaper or paperbag keep them fresh for longer. Ginger also can get dry outside the fridge but it doesn’t loose its flavor or other medicinal properties.

Muskmelon or any other melons like watermelon should also be stored outside the fridge and also if you want cold then you can put in fridge for 1 hour before eating or you can put that in some cold water like our elders used to do it like mangoes.

Breads are also not kept in the fridge and should be kept in a box or air tight container

Your Question will be: What should we keep in the Fridge??:-)

  1. Milk Products like milk, Paneer(cottage cheese) should not be kept on the door of the fridge but it should be kept at the backside in the section of the fridge so that when we open the door the temp don’t effect the temp. of milk and its products because backside of the fridge is relatively cooler.

2. Green Vegetables should be kept in fridge but we know it get rot faster in humid conditions in fridge so cut their stems and after cutting it, keep them in some paper bag or keep them in an air tight conatiner in tissue paper because when we cut the stems it slows their ageing and tissue paper will help them to stay dry. simultaneously cut the green chillies stems and keep it in tissue paper in an air tight container.

Talking about tomatoes, when they are yello and not fully ripened so keep them out of fridge and if they are red and juicy, so fridge is the better option to store.

And talking about Gourd, Capsicum, Carrot, Beetroot should be refrigerated to keep them fresh for longer.

Some Special Fruits:

  1. Ripen Bananas when kept with other fruits make them ripen fast so bananas should not be kept with other fruits. bananas will ripen faster when kept in something and will ripen slow when hanged somewhere in open.
  2. Likewise apples should also be kept separated outside the fridge.
  3. Carrots will store for longer if kept in water.
  4. Tea, coffee and honey should be kept in Airtight containers in the kitchen cupboards.

Rules for Food Storage

  1. Avoild low grade Plastic poly bags
  2. Put the vegetables in some breathable cotton bags as they will increase their shelf life
  3. Buy Fresh Food when Possible so donot get overdependent on fridge.


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