New Style Cauliflower Recipe by easycookingwords

Cauliflower Recipe

Ingredients Required For Recipe:






Cumin seeds

Whole Spices

Ginger Garlic Paste

Coriander Powder

Red Chilli powder

Turmeric Powder


Milk Powder

Garam masala


Kasuri Methi(Dry fenugreek)

Coriander Leaves

Cooking Method:

  • Add water in a wok(kadhai) and put small cutted cauliflower and potatoes in it
  • also add 2 Onions and Tomatoes and few cashews in it
  • add a little salt in it
  • Move out cauliflower after a boil or 2
  • let Onions, Tomatoes and cashews cook in water for some more time
  • then move them out to and let them cool
  • then we need to remove tomatoes cover
  • then Grind all three(Onions, Tomatoes, Cashews)
  • Fry cauloflower and Potatoes till color changes
  • Then move them out
  • add a little oil in same wok, add cumin seeds
  • Add Whole spices as shown in video
  • then add ginger garlic paste
  • then that grinded paste, add them
  • mix nicely
  • add spices, like coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder
  • mix them nicely
  • add Cream(homemade)
  • add milk powder for thickness
  • add garam masala, mix them nicely
  • add a little water and cook it nicely
  • then add fried cauliflower and potatoes
  • then add salt
  • cook it nicely, if want add more water, cover it and cook
  • when its half cooked, add Kasuri methi(dry fenugreek)
  • then cook it again nicely
  • and then finally add coriander leaves
  • If you find my recipes nice, watch more videos

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