Palak ka Paratha

Healthy Palak Ka Paratha | Spinach Flatbreads Recipe

Palak Paratha



Carom seeds

Cumin seeds

Wheat Flour


Red Chilli Powder


Garam masala

Coriander leaves



Cooking Method:

  1. take a container
  2. add wheat flour
  3. add gram flour
  4. add washed and cutted spinach
  5. add onions
  6. add cumin seeds
  7. add red chilli powder
  8. and turmeric powder
  9. add curd
  10. carom seeds
  11. and add garam masala(optional)
  12. also add ginger garlic paste
  13. add oil and add water slowly
  14. and kneed and make a dough and keep aside for 10 min.
  15. Make balls
  16. and take a ball
  17. roll it and spread ghee in it and pack
  18. again dust with some flour
  19. and roll it with rolling pin
  20. take a pan
  21. put that raw chapati
  22. flip it once you watch bubbles
  23. then cook and flip again
  24. apply some ghee
  25. and Palak ka paratha or Thepla is Ready
Palak ka Paratha/Thepla

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