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You wanna eat dessert or sweets but because of you are health conscious you can’t eat, so you are at the right place and this healthy dessert recipe is just for you

Have a look at it… you can make this by reading or by watching video, both options are available whichever you want..

banana cake recipe









Baking Method:

  • cut 2-3 bananas in a container
  • Seive 1 bowl wheatflour
  • Add jaggery same quantity as wheatflour
  • add bakingsoda less than baking powder (See in Video)
  • add a little salt
  • mix all nicely
  • beat it and add some dryfruits as per your choice
  • i added almonds and cashews
  • take a cake tin, apply oil and dust it with wheat flour to spread so it don’t stich
  • pour batter and add some dryfruits for decoration
  • take a kadhai or pan, add salt
  • place a stand and put tin on it
  • cover it with something and keep it for 35-40 min at low flame
  • then check it by putting knife, if it comes clean,
  • then your cake is ready
  • if its not, let it cook for sometime
  • switch off the flame
  • let the cake cool
  • then enjoy your banana bread/cake..
  • healthy and tasty..
banana bread recipe

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