Chana Dal Tadka with Jeera Rice

Chana Dal Tadka and Jeera Rice Recipe | Yellow Lentils Fry Recipe by easycookingwords

Dal Tadka and Jeera Rice Recipe

Dal and Rice is the most tasty combination in Indian Cuisine. Everyone in India Loves to eat this type of Indian food. So here comes Chana Dal Tadka and Jeera Rice Recipe:





Bay leaf, Cumin seeds, Large cardamom, Cinnamon

Cloves, Black pepper

Green Chilies

Garlic Paste

Turmeric Powder

Red chilly powder

Garam masala

Lemon Juice



Chana Dal(Yellow Lentils)

Preparation Method of Chana Dal Tadka:

  1. Cut large Onions and Tomatoes of medium size
  2. also cut green chilies of medium size
  3. Take bay leaf, cumin seeds, large cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper
  4. Add oil in a cooker
  5. add all whole spices
  6. then add green chilies medium size cutted
  7. add garlic paste
  8. then add onions of large size, you can watch video as well
  9. then add tomatoes
  10. add salt
  11. add a little turmeric powder
  12. add red chilly powder
  13. mix it nicely
  14. add soaked 30 min. chana dal
  15. and mix all nicely
  16. then add water
  17. blow 7 whistles
  18. then let air release itself
  19. then add garam masala(optional)
  20. Then lets fry or give tadka
  21. take a fry pan,
  22. add ghee or butter
  23. then add large size cutted garlic
  24. put this in ghee or butter
  25. put red chilly
  26. then add red chilly powder
  27. and pour it on dal in cooker
  28. and add lemon juice and coriander leaves
  29. Chana dal Tadka is Ready

Cumin(Jeera) Rice Preparation Method:

  1. add oil in a Pan
  2. add Cumin seeds
  3. then add water and let it boil
  4. then add rice
  5. when a boil comes,
  6. cook it at low flame
  7. add salt to taste
  8. and after few minutes,
  9. Rice are Ready
Chana Dal Tadka and Cumin seeds

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