Lasagna Bread Recipe

Bread Lasagna Recipe | Lasagna Recipe by easycookingwords

Bread Lasagna Recipe

Ingredients: (Video Link Here)






Chilli flakes



Red CHilli powder


Whole wheat flour


Tomato Ketchup




Cooking Method(Directions)

  • Prepare Veggies:

Take a pan

Add oil and butter

Add Garlic chopped

Add Onions chopped

Mix them

Add chopped carrots, capsicum and mix

Cook at med. flame

Add corn too

Also the veggies available in your kitchen

Add salt

Add Chilli flakes and oregano Add Black Pepper

And Veggies are cooked, Dont overcook them

  • Prepare White Sauce:

Add oil and Butter in a Pan

Add 1 tsp Whole wheat flour

Then add milk slowly slowly

Keep lumps free

Add chilli flakes, oregano, black pepper and salt

Mix them and add cheese and white sauce is ready

Move it to a bowl

  • Prepare Red Sauce

Add oil and Butter in a pan

Add Chopped Garlic

Then mix and add chopped onions

Add oregano and chilli flakes

then add tomato puree

Add 1 tsp Sauce

Add red chilli powder and salt

Mix them and

Red Sauce is Ready

  • Take Breads, roll them with the help of rolling pin
  • make thin sheets, and cut its sides.
  • So thin sheets are ready
  • Lets, Make layers in a tin
  • Add Red Sauce
  • Then add Bread Sheets
  • Add White Sauce
  • Add Veggies
  • Add Cheese
  • make 3 Layers
  • and Bake it at 180 degree for 20-25 min.
  • Its so Yummy
  • Do try it and Serve with Sauce or eat as it is.
Bread Lasagna

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