Badam Milkshake Recipe | Almond Milkshake by easycookingwords

Badammilkshake Recipe by easycookingwords





Custard Powder




Preparation Method:

  1. Soak almonds overnight and remove it cover
  2. put almonds and 2 spoons milk in grinder and grind
  3. Keep the paste aside in a bowl
  4. take a little milk in bowl of normal temp and add custard powder in it
  5. take some milk 1/2 litre or 1 litre and boil
  6. boil at low flame first and add saffron for color (its optional)
  7. boil till a boil comes
  8. add custard milk slowly and add cardomom 1 or 2
  9. add almonds and pistachios(break them)
  10. add sugar
  11. mix it nicely
  12. now it ready, see the consistency
  13. it shouldn’t be more thick or thin
  14. add almonds and pistachios for garnishing
  15. Badam/Almond Milkshake is Ready
  16. Serve it

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