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lauki ki sabzi

Bottle gourd improves digestion system and does not cause acidity. also it helps in weight loss and its has several benefits you can see in my article here.


Bottle Gourd


Poppy Seeds



Coriander Powder

Green Chillies


Red chilli powder

Turmeric powder

Cooking Process:

  • Cut the Bottlegourd in small pieces
  • and make buttermilk as we will use here as an ingredients
  • also make garlic and green chillies paste
  • now lets start making
  • Take a wok,
  • Add oil and when gets hot
  • put bottle gourd pieces
  • now let it color changes
  • when its cooked and color changes then
  • add garlic and green chillies paste
  • let it also cook and then add poppy seeds
  • mix all things nicely
  • add salt and turmeric powder and mix all
  • then add buttermilk as shown in video
  • cover and let it cook
  • then add coriander powder, red chilli powder
  • then mix it and let it cook
  • and then add coriander leaves
  • so here, our buttermilk bottlegourd recipe
  • enjoy with hot chapati or paratha
  • thankyou
lauki recipe

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